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We have just started collecting testimonials from satisfied users. If your name appears but you do not wish to be known, please inform us and we shall remove it immediately. If you find the holonomic wheels useful, please let me know. Thank you. 


Many thanks for the Holonomic wheels. They arrived Saturday. The wheels are much better than I expected - the first test was perfect. Best regards.
Frank Knefel, Germany, 4 Feb 2011


The parcel arrived without any trouble. It's a pleasure to deal with suppliers like you, able to offer such a fast delivery. Many thanks for your service. Best regards.

Eric PASCUAL,Vice-President 11 Dec 2010


My holonomic wheels arrived today.  They're even better in real life than in the pictures. I can't wait to rebuild my omniwheeled robot.


This is what it used to look like:  , I'll be able to make it a LOT more compact with these wheels :)
- Xander, 29 June 2010


The parcel with our Holonomic wheels arrived on 26 May 2010. It was actually sent very quickly although there was also a holiday on Monday. I would like to thank you so much for your inconvenience, the wheels helped me a great deal!
Yours, sincerely, Dietmar Ehrenreich, 26 May 2010


I just want to thank you and tell you that these wheels are REALLY wonderful. They work so much better than I expected and are super-convenient with the lego axle hole. Thank you so much!


John French, USA, 10 April 2010


Hi - just a quick note to let you know that the holonomic wheels that we bought from you recently helped us a lot in the RoboCup Junior UK Soccer competition. We are now looking forward to coming to Singapore in June for RoboCup 2010 to compete with international teams!


TechnoBotts Robotics Team, UK, 17 Mar 2010


(Editor's reply: Wow! Congratulations! We look forward to seeing your team in Singapore and win big too.)


I have just received the wheels, in perfect conditions. Thank you!


Btw, have you considered creating a bit larger version?


(Editor's reply: Not for the time being. We even thought of making a large one for wheel chairs but not anytime soon.)


I am planning to use them paired with the continuous rotation servos in a LEGO NXT setup and, after mounting the LEGO fitter frame on the standard-sized servos, the clearance left is about 1 cm.


Igor, Finland


I just wanted to tell you that the holonomic wheels arrived on Wednesday, December 23rd. We were thrilled that they got here in time for Christmas as they were for my son (who is a robotics enthusiast). Package is in great shape and all is well with the wheels.


Thanks so much. All the best,
Sherry Semple, Germany, 25 Dec 2009


In May 2009, we purchased 4 Holonomic wheels from you.
We want to tell you that we are very satisfied with these wheels, and would like to order another 6 (six) of them.


Holger Robocup




Regards, Prof. Dr. Holger Schlingloff, Germany, 11 Oct 2009


I just got the wheels. They look great. My students cannot wait to work on their projects. I will send you a link once the project is completed.


Yixin, USA, 09 Mar 2009


The wheels arrived today. They took 6 days to Tasmania.
They look good, can't wait to try them... (-:
Dr G. Faulkner, Tasmania, 17 Dec 2008


Looking forward to build them up into a robot.


Larry Huppert, USA, 16 Dec 2008


I received 6 wheels on last Friday.
Our robot is installed with your wheels, and it is running now.
Your wheels are excellent.
They function according to my expectation.
Thank you very much!

Yuji Sakate, JAPAN, 27 Aug 2008